Thursday, 24 December 2015

Tagging Questions : Monster Kill

Hai assalamualaikum,

Its been a few days I have gone without any news on this blog. So, today I would like to answer all the questions that I have been tagged by my Kak Sarah!! ;)

So, why did I put monster kill as the title? Kak Sarah used it as the name of her blog, so I am so proud to be one of the monster killer haha! ;D

Here we go!

1. what is your favorite animal?

Absolutely, cats since cat is my pet

2. share about your routine.

Haha for your information, I am living lifeless style everyday. So I usually wake up at 6.30 am for solat subuh. Then I will sleep back until I wake up again. Next, I will cook for my family. Then, watching tv then watching tv & finally I end up my day at 2 am watching tv

3. share about your skin care routine.

So I use Babies Blink or Lyanaz Skin Care. I will wash my face when I go bath at the morning at before I sleep. 

4. what did you eat for your breakfast today?

Babies Blink's coffee of course. The chocolate one!

5. who is the last person you said i love you and when?

Hhahahahahahahhaha luckily, I am not in love with anyone. I think the last person I said I love you is toAbambul, I guess. He is my cousin. 

Yes, alhamdulillah! I have done answering all questions from Kak Sarah. A big thank you to Kak Sarah for tagging me ;)) Love yeaa! :*

Bye, assalamualaikum. 


  1. hahah comel comel je jawapan sabrina. thanks for being sporting! :D

  2. patutlah muka die cantik je blink blink :* hahhhaa

  3. best ke coffe dia? hm kene try nih


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