Thursday, 24 December 2015

Tagging Questions: Pale Freaks

Hai assalamualaikum,

Yeay. One last tagging question is from Pale Freaks, aka qila. Wow, I just know that qila is 15 years old. Trust me, if you drop down her blog, you will not believe if she is 15, i thought she is 18, older than me. Except you scroll up and down her blog, then you accidentally read her disclaimer.

So, here all the answers for adik qila kitaa ; 

1. watching movies or listening to music?

Both are my favourite!! Why did u do this to me?!! v.v 

Em so I choose music since I love karaoke

2. a country you really wanna go travel to, and why.

Weird, I have no dream to travel to others country. Sorry

3. apa yang menarik about blog stuff ni yang buat you nak berblog?

Ina suka blog qila sebab qila tulis blog guna bahasa inggeris :) 

4. top 3 most played songs on your iTunes, or phone, or mana-mana je la?

Top songs on my bucketlist;
1) Hidup Dalam Mati - Syamel
2) One Call Away - Charlie Puth
3) Love Yourself - Justin Bieber (sebab selalu karaoke lagu ni) 

5. any scary experiences? cerita la sikit haha

Banyak sangat. But, one of the scariest experience that I have been through is kawad individu untuk kenaikan pangkat krs. Seram gilaaaaooorssssss

6. tosai or roti canai? hahahaha

Roti canai lover forever!!! 
* joget sambil tebar roti canai*

7. are you good at playing music instruments? if yes, what is it?

I am really good at destroying music instruments. It is also a talent, isnt it?

I am not so good or bad, but I am okay at playing guitar :) Yeah, If you ask me to play a song and bring me the chords, insyaallah I will play it for u. 

8. are you good at maths? just asking.

Haha this question might hurt somebody who is asking. 
I am not so good, or bad, but o to the k lah :)

9. your favourite band, or solo artist.

I dont know, maybe Charlie Puth. Because he is so pewwfect except Meghan Trainor is his gf -_-

10. to eat or to sleep?

Hm why it is so difficult?! Both are my fav hobbies!!! Ye lah, I choose to eat, then sleep :p

So, yeah thank you qila for tagging me :DD I really appreciate that. 

Bye, assalamualaikum


  1. tak suka meghan trainor eh? hahaha

    1. ha baru nak tanya soalan sama. Hahahaha!!!!

    2. and i love roti canai too :( </3

    3. so so je kak mazni :( because charlie puth loves her

  2. amboi sampai buat banner? hahaha thank you sudi jawab! you're so sweet :-) oh but idk meghan tu gf charlie hahaha

  3. rajin je main tagging2 ni. hahahaha T.T

  4. seriously Ina ? no dream to travel to other countries? dude,,what are you~ hahahaha gimme all ur money, i'll go to Japan for

  5. Ina memang tak suka travel ke?

  6. Sayangilah Malaysia selalu ina . lol . srsly so weird when you dont ever think to travel . huhu

  7. banyaknyaa persamaan kita, roti canai, tido, makan :P


Terima kasih sebab sudi komen dekat entri Ina :)