Sunday, 8 November 2015

Puberty Hierarchy Of Me

Hai assalamualaikum,

School holidays have started and alhamdulillah I filled my leisure with watching good movies. Like yesterday, I have watched Pilot Cafe, Polis Evo & Jwanita. All these movies were such wowww & thumbs up to Polis Evo for holding my head up high to be as a Malaysian. But today, I was lied by Jelmaan movie for 2 hours, which was the dumbest movie I ever watched (sorry im just trying to be honest). Thank you Nora Danish & Adi Putra in Suami Aku Ustaz for making me fine (;

Tonight, congratulations sabrina because I have got no idea to do & I have been thinking to post something about me which I think it's a little weird. Puberty Hierarchy Of Me. Hahahaha weird right?

So yeah, jeng jeng jeng (theres nothing to be proud of)

Standard 6
Me when I was standard six

Oh my god. I cant believe this is me. Kahkahkah I have to admit that I was really selekeh & selebet. I guess this was the first time I can smile properly because I was holding my upsr result :p  

Form 1
This is just what I got for form 1 

Form 2
When I was form 2 

Masyaallah. Hahhaha sorry for being a real me. Like I called form 2 was zaman rock & roll. This picture proves everything. 

Form 3
My early form 3. Started my second week of form 3 with respiration model.
Why so serious? 

So I ended up my Form 3 with this. An odd smile, hye! 

Form 4

I have 2 faces believe or not right now (form 4) because I was hitted by sunburn teroks caused by kawad teroks berperingkat-peringkat which were sekolah, daerah, negeri & kebangsaan. 

My not latest form 4 taken at May, Hari Guru

Meet my squad & guess where is me? 
Well of course the blackest one

So daaaa. This post is just in case I want to flash back my weirdness so I know where I can find it

Bye, assalamualaikum ! (: 

This is my very first time I write my entry with full english, sorry for the mistakes. Actually, I was challenged by my favourite english teacher, teacher norimah after she knew I had a blog. So teacher, challenge accepted :p