Friday, 11 March 2016

Unexpected Things I Do

Hye assalamualaikum!

Hyeeeee its been a very longggg day without you guys, without my blog.. Yeah, no doubt, I lost my blogging mood exactly on 25th December 2015 which was my last entry. So yihhaaa I am here to do all merepek story things, thanks to the one week holiday fuh.

I dont know what am I doing to do why I do turn on the laptop and why I search and why do I open my dashboard and now I dont know why am I typing about.

Bla bla bla. Pebende Ina membebel sengsorang ni.

Back to the main point, why do I think I have to blog something. Actually, 8th & 9th March has been one of the most precious day after living 17 years in this world (one of okay).

March, 2016
Joining debate was not in my curriculum activities plan for this year. But thanks to cikgu for inviting me like in a thousand times, and finally I join debate. One of the saddest this about debate is the feeling to talk in front of the others. I have do a lot of things, sing, emcee, but seriously debate is the most powerful things to do. It saddens me when I was the only one form 5 in the team. I think it would be no chemistry between me & the members.

 I was wrong. Everything I have imagined about. 
My debate team has turned out to my squad, not a squad, but my actual sisters. I was the eldest sister who have to control 4 this little maniac for not doing things over expectation except peah who is the one who naturally uncontrolled  hahhaha

For me, a power team is not because of its debator, not because of its trophies. It is all about the bonding between the members. No hatred between members. You can do all your stupid jokes in front of them without judging you why are you doing silly thing. They will be able to accept you during your ups and downs. They will not point you for your mistakes, instead they will say it is our mistake.

It is a team.

It is us.

Guess what? As a result, tadaaaa!

Even we were the first runner up, but,
Thank you Allah. The words we keep repeating all the rest of debate day. 

With all the hurdles we have been through, I asked myself, when it would be over? When this debate would be over? Because I am exhausted. I am lack of sleep, seriously. I go to bed at 12, up at 4 at continue finding. Plus the nerves, sweats, is it worth? 

After the second hour without bahas, I just realized when will we be able to be very close like this? When will we can lying on the surau floor because of the exhausting day we have been through? 

This picture has taken during the final day of bahas

There will be no more 10 little pages I have to remind, 
there will be no more hujah I have to find,
there will be no more time to my sisters. 

There will be no more enemy in the arena, 
but a friend in the real life. 

There will be no more handsome debator until you 
cant speak out your word, eh?! 
No more enemy who can be your motivator at the same time. 

There will be no more cikgu who will give you advices & motivates you,
no more farway who will be the sweetest adik ever,
no more peah who will do jokes until you want to slap yourself for too much laughing,
no more hawa who will be the most relax debator,
no more fitoni who will be able to laught with me over peah's jokes,
& of course no more me who will be kak sab yang baik hahhaha. 

There will be no more me, 
with this tiring face, 
so you will be no able to see me
in this selebet condition. 

But, indeed I miss all these things. 

Bye, assalamualaikum.