Saturday 6 August 2022

PHPM Posting and The Value of Not Giving Up


Hi assalamualaikum, 

It’s been awhile. 

Currently I am in my last posting, Population Health Preventive Medicine (PHPM). Scary? I can’t deny. I thought PHPM is gonna be the lek lek posting but to my surprise, it is not. NOT AT ALL. Plus, I am one of the small group leaders and also I become the leader for program bureau, so what do I expect. I wanted to revise for my finals, but to my surprise again I am busy handling all these things and to my another surprise, I love it. I love to make myself busy with program, sleep at 3am, engaging with people. Sometimes, I do feel tired because I need to give instructions and wonder whether it’s best for others or not, yeah plus I have a meeting tomorrow. 

I visited to most of the areas in Seksyen 7 Shah Alam because there is where we need to do “community profiling”. Basically, we will go to this area, interview the representatives of that area to search any unresolved or ignored health issues, then we will make awareness regarding that issue by doing a health promotion. Wow I just summarised “community profiling”. 

I visited the B40, M40 and T20 living areas. Throughout my visitation, other than feeling amazed by the magnificent view of Shah Alam, I feel grateful. I feel grateful that actually Allah has blessed me with so many things. Allah has blessed me with a very comfortable complete house, a loving family, and friends, health, intelligence, talent and so many things. The reason why I think so is that, not so many people are that fortunate like me. Probably, I have what they don’t have and they have what I don’t have. I believe that Allah will give us something that we need and not what we want. It’s true “nikmat Allah manakah lagi yang ingin kamu dustakan”.

Because I am the group leader I also learnt about the value of not giving up. The first day of the interview, our group is the only group who didn’t manage to interview anyone. As the leader, I felt so disappointed with myself. I still remember how lethargic I was going into the class feeling like a failure. But I don’t know there’s a voice inside my head whispering that “kau bukan pengalah, doh, Sabrina, you will fight this, no matter how tiring it is”. Yeah, I fought, even though I admit that some of them asked me to stop fighting. As a result, alhamdulillah, with the help of Allah, my big boss leader, and my teammate and my housemates we did it! We managed to interview 3 important people in the Klinik Kesihatan, and that was a very huge achievement for my group as a whole. I feel grateful. Indeed, I could not do it with the help of Allah. 

Went back from Shah Alam at almost 10pm. Missing Aqil in this picture

After a tiring walk through survey

All in all, this week is so tiring. But, I am satisfied, at the same time I still feel that I am not good enough of being a leader. But I believe there’s always room for improvement. Next week is gonna be another new challenge for me. A lot of things lingers on my mind : PHPM thing, my personal issue, Medical quiz competition that I wanna participate and finals (NOOOO). 

Please pray for me. 

Sabrina Shekh.