Sunday 21 November 2021

Random Thoughts about Life

 Hi assalamualaikum everyone, 

I am feeling demotivated lately. Probably I dwelled myself too much into my assignments, then I don’t get adequate sleep -> I wake up late -> I sleep in the morning hahahah. 

This entry is gonna be a brief one. Because I am feeling blue right now, I am gonna share with you guys a few things that I learnt randomly about life. Basically most of the ideas come from the books I have read. 

1) If you want to become the happiest person, GIVE! 

Example: what I’m doing right now. I feel rejuvenated while typing this entry :D 

2) If you want to change yourself, ACT! 

Example: if you say that you are not good at being a leader, FOR ME, affirmations like “I am a great leader” won’t help that much. Instead, when i fail being one, I will feel that I’m lying to myself. 

Now, what I did was I do / act / behave like one. What does a good leader do? So yeah, a list of things will pop up in my mind. Then, by putting those ‘things’ into action then I believe that I am a good leader. 

3) You don’t believe in yourself? Fake it until you make it! 

Example: I am struggling in having a conversation with people. Yeah, in fact, I’m still, until now. However, what I learnt was that thoughts that I’m having on my mind such as “you are awkward with people” which was basically formed because of my past / trauma, just exist inside my mind. So, yeah just act like you are the heroine of your own movieee. A five star one! 

4)  You feel sad? Accept it! Be brutally honest to yourself why

Example: I hate one of my friends. For me, she is too opinionated, bossy, too knowledgeable and overrated (HAMEK KAU HAHAHAH).  Her presence just irritate me so much. I will avoid meeting her AT ALL COST. Right now, I wrote down her name, and why I don’t like her so much on my diary. Surprisingly, it helps me a lot!! Not just her, i also wrote down a few other peoples name that I don’t think we vibe (HAHAHAHHA PEBENDA LAH KAU BUAT NI SENAH). It was such a relief after that!! I can confront her and those people. By writing down all those things, made me accept who they are. 

Another example is most of the time, I’m afraid of voicing out my opinion. In the class especially. I used to repeat the affirmation like “you are brave” and all that. Instead of feeling better, I feel so much worse because I know that’s not the truth. But, right now when I encounter the situation again, I just admit that I’m afraid of voicing out my opinion, then after that I open my microphone immediately and say exactly what’s on my mind. Amazing isn’t it?

Okeh that’s all from me!