Wednesday 2 December 2015

Happy Birthday Kamaliya!

Hai assalamualaikum,

Gugusan hari-hari 
Indah bersamamu Kamaliya

Intro pelik

It is  first december! I just came back from Kamaliyot's birthday celebration. 

At first I didnt know what present I wanna give her since she always ask me about her present then I made a promise that I will give her pencil box 5 tingkat. Legend ni legend untuk budak primary school :p

So we went to a shop which we thought it was the best place we can find her present. Sadly, the shop was closed. 

We wandering in the mall untill we found these huge cutie fluffy bears..

hugged 3 bear gemuk 

kamaliyot!! The bear is bigger than her! excuse for her buruk slippers ._. 

My partner since forever, ketiak busuk

We went to Mc Donald to celebrate Kamaliya's birthday & for dinner. I was very glad because there was no cake. I hate cake. 

Dak yang batak gila rini birthday dieww

What happened to my eyes?!!! 

Just in case if you read this one day Kamaliyot, this post was published on 2015 when you were in standard 4. I want you to know that kak long loves you very much even sometimes im bawang jahat in the house who always asks you to do everything. I am glad to have you as my adik bongsu even sometimes you annoy me everytime when you do lawak hambar, yeah I know you are exactly like a copy of me. So, happy birthday Kamaliyot :* 

Bye, assalamualaikum.

p/s; I suppose to post this entry last night but it was 1 a.m besides btw pencil box 5 tingkat does not exist 

hahahahah last night fav view :pp