Sunday 22 October 2017

New Phase Of Life

Hai assalamualaikum,

Yes i know i broke my word, you guys know me.

Actually, I am on my sem break for 6 weeks. I think it explains everything why do I come back.

Maybe some of you guys wondered what actually happened to me, dissapeared just in a blink of an eye, without any valid news but, i bet those bloggers who follow me on my social media. they dont feel the same way, i guess. I still keep in touch with them. Hey, nothing has changed me (except for the blog's design, its way more mature i think? :p)

I did read my chatbox, some of you guys were asking me where do I further my studies. Firstly thank you for asking, I appreciate that. So, regarding to that I choose UiTM (Universiti Teknologi Mara), Dengkil. I took Foundation In Science. I entered the university in May.

Living far away from family was very hard for me, especially it was my first time. I cried while reciting al-quran, toilet was the best platform where my tears choose to burst out i dont know why, maybe its a quiet place. Am not good in hiding feelings.

I even told myself that I can no longer live in foundation, in other words, I want to quit foundation. (I MUST BE CRAZY THAT TIME YA ALLAH). I did told ummi & cried. But you know what she said? "I know you can do it, I know you, I know my daughter", she murmured. Mom's powerful word.

I dont know how to describe how depressed I was back then. Holding people's expectation on my shoulder, forcing myself to be like everyone else, all syllabus are in english which was a super something new for me, resulting me in burnout. I lost myself.

But, alhamdulillah! :D I learn that everything needs time. Everyday, I try to adapt everything new and I keep telling myself that I can go through it. Smile is my new strength. One sentence keep rolling in my mind,

Yesterday, you told yourself you cant do it. But you did it.
To add up thing, the best thing about going to university is I get to know tons of amazing people. They are vary in personality and most of them are talented, raising up my curiousity to know more & more about them.

These aliens know me inside out. Crazy Weird behaviour. Always pretend that Lady Gaga wants to visit Dengkil bagi ceramah agama. Pelik level dewa. We called our house as akademi lawak bcs everyone is tryhing hard to be the most pelawak in da house. 


The sweetest smile from us, Tecek & Sha ♥ 

My gal!! 
From left, Effa Tasha, Jah, Effa Rozel, Me, Syahirah.

Geng mamak roti ketuk-ketuk 
(our whatsapp group's name)

Lecterur's hunter partner. 
She is kind, always love her personality

 My biggest scandal in class. Nothing is fishy.
He got million ways to make me annoy w him.

Love to mingle with her during free time.
She is kind & helpful.

It is undeniable that living in university is hard. Nobody told me that it is easy. Somehow, it really depends on how we get used to it, wether we want to let ourself to be swallowed up in melancholic depression or we choose to wake up & make any thing to make ourself happy. Everyday is a choice.