Sunday 8 November 2015

Puberty Hierarchy Of Me

Hai assalamualaikum,

School holidays have started and alhamdulillah I filled my leisure with watching good movies. Like yesterday, I have watched Pilot Cafe, Polis Evo & Jwanita. All these movies were such wowww & thumbs up to Polis Evo for holding my head up high to be as a Malaysian. But today, I was lied by Jelmaan movie for 2 hours, which was the dumbest movie I ever watched (sorry im just trying to be honest). Thank you Nora Danish & Adi Putra in Suami Aku Ustaz for making me fine (;

Tonight, congratulations sabrina because I have got no idea to do & I have been thinking to post something about me which I think it's a little weird. Puberty Hierarchy Of Me. Hahahaha weird right?

So yeah, jeng jeng jeng (theres nothing to be proud of)

Standard 6
Me when I was standard six

Oh my god. I cant believe this is me. Kahkahkah I have to admit that I was really selekeh & selebet. I guess this was the first time I can smile properly because I was holding my upsr result :p  

Form 1
This is just what I got for form 1 

Form 2
When I was form 2 

Masyaallah. Hahhaha sorry for being a real me. Like I called form 2 was zaman rock & roll. This picture proves everything. 

Form 3
My early form 3. Started my second week of form 3 with respiration model.
Why so serious? 

So I ended up my Form 3 with this. An odd smile, hye! 

Form 4

I have 2 faces believe or not right now (form 4) because I was hitted by sunburn teroks caused by kawad teroks berperingkat-peringkat which were sekolah, daerah, negeri & kebangsaan. 

My not latest form 4 taken at May, Hari Guru

Meet my squad & guess where is me? 
Well of course the blackest one

So daaaa. This post is just in case I want to flash back my weirdness so I know where I can find it

Bye, assalamualaikum ! (: 

This is my very first time I write my entry with full english, sorry for the mistakes. Actually, I was challenged by my favourite english teacher, teacher norimah after she knew I had a blog. So teacher, challenge accepted :p 


  1. hahaha sab tengok movies semua tu dalam sehari je ke? wah

  2. Tengok gambar Ina ni nampak macam Ina ni tinggi. Ina tinggi berapa?

  3. The blackest but still one of the floleeesss... heheee

    1. hahaha the blackest amidst the flawless actually

  4. makin besar makin cantik adik sab;)

  5. omg puberty hit u like a truck la gurl huhuhu.
    so beautiful ;) hhihih.

    1. haha i hope its true bcs my friends said i always the same.
      you too kak qila :*

  6. kecik2 comey, besar2 dah cantik :D
    wahahaha beraninya ina cabar cikgu kat blog xD

    1. haha eh kak mazni pun sama! :*
      teacher yg cabar kita sebenarnya ><

  7. sume comel2 je pic sab. lagi selebet akak dulu okay. pengsan :D

    1. hahaha eh kak moi pun comel lahh kak moi putih ^^

  8. Ya ALLAH.. cntiknya Ina. Normal lh kulit trbakar bila kwad.
    Bkn kawad nmanya klau mka tk brubah.
    *Yg form 2 tu .. hahaha :D

    1. alhamdulillah eh nur pun sama ok ;Dhahha tu lah nasib baik ada jgk org yg memahami ina ni.. hehhe